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VCP Baseball Windscreens – Primarily used on outfield fences and on dugouts.

  • Terrific as a “Batter’s Eye” background.
  • Customize it with your own logo.
  • Many colors to choose from.
Top Rail Cap - Add protection to the top of your outfield fence.
Custom Baseball Netting – Custom made in several strengths and colors. Made of 100% nylon with black poly rope borders all around each individual piece.

Spot Covers and Infield Turf Protectors – Mound and home plate, and base covers. Batting practice infield protectors. Full field and softball covers. Available either in vinyl or polyethylene.

Baseball Crash Pads – Make your facility a safer place. Add beauty to any area.
Batting Cage Netting – Our batting cage netting is available in many gages and strengths. All nets are made of knotted nylon with a 1 ¾ inch square mesh and are offered untreated (white) or treated with a special black weather-protective coating. Every edge of the cage, top and bottom, is rope bound.
Baseball Fence Systems – Fencing material is 4’ high knitted polypropylene fabric, easier to roll up and store. Recommended when fence will be removed daily or weekly. Posts are 66” high impact flexible design with cap and rope strap included. Package includes 50’ or 150’ fencing, 6’ or 18 posts, rope, rope clips and fence ties. Ground sleeves are optional, 6 or 18 required. Available in green, orange, red or blue.
Fence Guard Padding – Made with 2” thick foam and encased in vinyl, many colors to choose from.
Outfield Batter’s Eye – Custom made to fit any size frame or fence. Batters pick up the flight of the pitch much easier with our batter’s eyes.
Baseball and Softball Field Covers – Many different colors and sizes available. Vinyl covers can be logoed
Batters Eye
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