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Protective sideline covers are constructed of non-woven geotextile fabric providing maximum protection to your field. Because the tarp is a geotextile it allows the grass to breathe while still protecting it. The fabric is non slip and mildew resistant. Sideline covers are designed specifically for turf protection. The product is needle punched and heat sealed. Sideline covers protect the turf from foot traffic and spikes, while allowing air, water, and sunlight to pass through it. On grassless areas, the sideline cover will hold down mud that can make a slippery mess. Edges are either reinforced or wrapped in vinyl, or they sew web strap all around. Then the edges are grommeted 5 foot on center all around the perimeter. Three sizes are available. 75 feet, 120 feet, or 150 feet. The depth of each of these sizes is 14 feet.
Paint does adhere to this fabric so you can put the name of the team on them

Protective Field Covers - Whether your surface is natural grass or artificial turf, Protective Coverings Inc. has the design and engineering expertise to offer, so that your cover will:

  • Provide total moisture protection.
  • Eliminate debris accumulation.
  • Resist erosion and/or fading of surface.
  • Withstand abrasion
  • Resist mildew.
Our covers feature one piece construction or custom sections for ease of handling. We feature Athletic Field Covers, with a variety of strengths and durability, in many colors.
Football Netting - 4” nylon netting to keep footballs from flying into the stands.
PCI Bench Tarp Sideline Covers - were designed just for turf protection. Our specialty formatted polyester/olefin co-polymer non woven base is needle punched, then calendared and heat set for added dimensional stability. Our bench tarps are available in 13’6” widths. Custom sizes and shapes can be fabricated.
Screening – Dura-PCI privacy screens are a unique VCP available in custom sizes and ten different colors. It stops glare, eyesores and visibility.
Football Netting
PCI Safety Pads - Reversible covered pad or plywood backed stadium pads. Protect your players with the best padding available
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