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There are two types of materials utilized in the AFC marketplace. The first material is polyethylene. The poly covers are either 6 or 7.5 ounces per square yard. That translates to about 10 to 12 mills in thickness. The other material used is vinyl. The strengths are either 10 ounce or 14 ounce per square yard in either coated or laminate forms. A coated product usually has better specs than a laminate and should last longer. These covers will come manufactured in different ways, with different accessories dependent on the use. Baseball covers are either full field covers or spot covers. Spot covers are used for covering bases and home plate, on deck circles, pitchers mounds, and bull pen areas. Mound and home plate covers are usually circular in form, while the bull pen and base covers are rectangular and square in form. Regardless of the material,
usually these covers have reinforced edges of some kind with grommets around the perimeters 2 to 5 foot on center. The grommets allow the tarps to be staked into the ground if applicable
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