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PCI-sideline bench tarps sideline are designed specifically for grass protection. PCI’s specially formulated polyester/olefin co-polymer base is needle punched, and calendared to give it a tough, abrasion resistant surface. As a result, PCI-Sideline bench tarps protects from foot traffic - even spikes - while allowing needed air, water and sunlight to pass through. On skinned areas, PCI- sideline bench tarps controls muddy areas that can make everything a slippery mess.

PCI-Sideline Bench Covers in standard sizes:

  • 13' 6" x 75'
  • 13' 6" x 120'
  • 13' 6" x 150'
We also fabricate to the official NFL configuration, as well as custom sizes. For grass protection during concerts and other special events, use economical 13'6" x 300' PCI-sideline bench tarp bulk rolls.
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