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Golf Covers - Our rugged covers are made from Geo Textile, VCP Mesh, or Solid Vinyl. Control sand in traps or cover muddy areas, we have a product to suit your needs. Because the tarp is a textile's it allows the underside to breathe while still protecting it. The fabric is non slip and mildew resistant. Golf covers are designed specifically for turf and sand protection. The product is needle punched and heat sealed. Golf covers protect the turf or sand from foot traffic and spikes, while allowing air, water, and sunlight to pass through it. On grassless areas, the golf cover will hold down mud that can make a slippery mess. Edges are either reinforced or wrapped in vinyl, or they sew web strap all around.
Then the edges are grommeted 5 foot on center all around the perimeter. Custom sizes are available. Also available are covers made from solid vinyl or mesh covers.
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