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Gym Floor Covers
• Built tough to protect gym floors
• Withstands heavy foot traffic, dances, concerts, graduations, etc.
• Ultra-durable 3-ply fabric with reinforcing polyester mesh yarns
• Coated evenly with PVC on both sides so you can use either side up
• 10-ft. wide sections for easy handling – just 2 people can lay down and roll up sections covering an entire gym floor!
• Seams lay smooth and flat and are engineered to be as strong as the fabric itself
• When figuring the size cover you need, add 6"-12" for overlapping each section (Example: for a 75-ft. x 110-ft. floor, order 8 sections measuring 10 ft. x 110 ft. each
• many colors
• Full warranty against fabric and manufacturing defects
• Shipping weights will vary depending on size
• Shipped directly from factory
• Allow extra delivery time
Mobile Storage Racks - Using one of PCI's mobile storage rack system enables two people to install or retrieve a full court cover in about thirty minutes. To install, roll the rack to one corner of the area to be covered and pull out the first cover section. Roll the rack to the edge of that section (overlapping sections six to twelve inches is recommended) and lay the second section. Repeat until surface is covered:

After cleaning, the cover is removed by attaching the last section installed to one of the bottom roller tubes and winding it up, using the hand cranks provided (or use our optional power winder). Move to the next sections and repeat.

Gym Wall Pad System - Affordable gym wall pad system provide solutions to making your gym a safe place. PCI manufactures premium quality systems for protecting indoor and outdoor impact areas. Padding may be required for many different areas, Baseball courts, gymnastics areas, wrestling rooms, or any area that needs protection.
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