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Privacy Screens Construction Curtains – Dura-PCI , PCI- Solid, PCI- Knit, and PCI- 95 compile the products used for temporary and permanent industrial screening products. Closure of the products run between 70% closed to 100% closed. Dura-PCI is our 80% closed screen. It is an amazing privacy screen that is meant for more permanent applications. Dura- PCI will stop 80% of any eye sores or glare, or debris. As a privacy screen it cannot be topped. Dura-PCI is a VCP privacy screen made to last. PCI- solid is our 100% blockage screen. It is also made of 13 oz. vinyl and is 100% opaque. PCI- solid comes in several colors. PCI- Knit and PCI- 95 are our economy products with blockage of 85 and 95 percent. These screens make up our temporary screen lines.
Privacy Screening and temporary construction screens, For Construction Job sites, or custom made screens for a more permanent solution.

PROTECTIVE COVERINGS INC. manufactures custom fabricated privacy screens and construction site screens. We deliver top quality materials to your exact specifications.
• Add privacy to the place you are working, or to unsightly areas.
• We will custom make anything for any job that you might have.

• Many different closures & durability are available, depending on your specifications.
• Same day shipping on many products.
PCI-85 is a 85% closed knitted polyethylene screen suited for any construction, site screen or debris blocking application. PCI-85 can be supplied in two styles:

Hemmed and grommeted panels:
• 50' long by 5' 8" tall
• 50' long by 7' 8" tall

Raw rolls:
• 150' long by 5' 8" tall
• 150' long by 7' 8" tall

Colors are dark green and black.
PCI-95 is a 95% closed-mesh polypropylene screen used where you want to have a maximum amount of closure, and great durability. This product is hemmed and grommeted all around to any length. Standard heights are 5' 9" and 7' 6". Standard colors are dark green and black.
PCI-Dura-80 is the finest vinyl coated polyester fabric on the market. It is used when a more permenent solution is required.

Custom fabricated to any size and available in 5 colors.

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