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Strength Tested Construction Netting. Our Industrial netting products are built to be durable and to protect and contain your Industrial activities. In a Industrial driving range, the nets will contain balls and prevent any accidental impacts. Used on driving ranges, or any area needing protection from Industrial balls. Driving Range,or any area needing protection. We offer two different products for the above purposes. Our 7/8” #252 knot less nylon Industrial netting, is a custom product built to your specifications. PCI's Industrial netting comes in black, green or white. Individual pieces will have a black polypropylene rope border all around each piece. 1” polypropylene Industrial netting is also available as an economical choice. This Industrial netting comes in standard sized rolls. Available in 6 ½' by 150', 12 ½' by 150, 25' by 150', 50' by 150', 25' by 100', and 50' by 100'. Made of the finest black olefin.
From backyards across America, Europe, and the Caribbean to Youth League Baseball and the professional levels, Protective Coverings the supplier of choice for training cages, backstops, barrier nets, protector nets and windscreens to the world of baseball. Let's "PLAY BALL!!"

Our 100% nylon, twisted, knotted, ultra-violet treated netting for baseball is the standard of the industry. While the "Availability" listings below for batting cages and backstops indicate the most popular net materials (#18, #21, #36 and #42), PCI stocks a complete range of net materials to meet any requirements. From the light weight (#18) with break strength per strand at 162 pounds up to the heavier gauge of #96 with its break strength at 794 pounds, Protective Coverings Inc. can fulfill the requirements for all levels of competition and/or practice. We offer square mesh netting in sizes 18, 21, 36, 42, 60, 72 and 96.

Materials item Break test
  • nylon #252 100+ lbs
  • nylon #420 180+ lbs
7/8” sq. knotless nylon Perimeter is bordered with 1200 lb. test poly rope tied to the net. Weather treated for strength and durability. Available in green or black.
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