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Protective Coverings Inc. tennis court backdrop curtains help to keep courts private and compartmentalized while also providing a seamless background to ease ball tracking for players.
PCI-20 Backdrops One of the most durable indoor backdrop curtains ever offered. A heavy-duty 20 ounce vinyl polyester, knife coated, to withstand the heaviest abuse from players and cleaning equipment…yet the most important enhancement for any discriminating tennis facility. Only available in custom heights and lengths, to suit each individual club, as they are all a little different.. Lengths of curtains vary with a view toward the most efficient traffic flow, lighting, ventilation, viewing and safety.
Every curtain is made with a heavy-duty web strap and “built-in” grommets with C snap hooks in the grommets. This provides for the ultimate straight line installation. Curtains are ready to install. No maintenance is required. All PCI-20 curtains meet the highest federal and California flame retardant codes. Color options include: dark green, medium green, blue and burgundy. Warranty: All PCI-20 curtains are backed by a TEN YEAR unconditional warranty. Die-electric seams in curtains are backed by a lifetime warranty Tennis Court Backdrop Curtains
PCI-14 Tennis Court Backdrops PCI’s durable 14 ounce vinyl laminate polyester. A laminate tennis backdrop, most appropriate for moderate abuse. An excellent choice for economically challenging times. Custom heights and lengths are fabricated to suit the building design. Panel flap doorways are available with optional viewing mesh for easy court access. Fabricated with heavy web strap and "built-in" grommets /"S" hooks along the top for the ultimate "straight line"
All PCI-14 curtains meet the highest federal and California flame retardant codes.
Installation Color options include medium green andblue Warranty: PCI-14 curtains carry a THREE YEAR unconditional warranty
Individual Doorways Unlike any other individual doors these “hinged” doorways are built right into the curtains in order to permit exclusive entry/exit to each court. The doorways are easily replaceable. Options include: stenciled court numbers and a mesh viewing window for safety.
Viewing Mesh PCI’s custom designed “windows” provide for ball control, yet allow for excellent visibility from the pro shop, from adjoining recreational areas, restaurants, etc. These windows are a must for ventilation when solid backdrop curtains may interior with heating or air conditioning grates.
High Line Tennis Curtains The fastest, easiest, and most economical way to disguise ball damaged walls. Lengths determined by column spacing, height by distance from eave phalange to top of backdrops. Colors include red, green, blue, and traditional favorite white.
Tennis Backdrop Curtains
Column Pads
PCI-5 The most shock absorbent pad available. A full 4” thick to provide excellent protection between players and columns. Extends beyond face of column to prevent injury from almost any angle. Covered in vinyl to match backdrop curtains. Permanently installed with special adhesive to column face. Recommended installation for bent (roof support) columns, one foot above the surface. Overall dimensions, 60” X 14” X 4”
PCI-6 Safety pad, as above, except recommended for straight, sidewall columns.
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