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Our tennis court divider nets is made of knotted nylon and is 1 3/4 inches square Divider netting by PCI is green, black white, or royal blue. Tennis divider nets are a must for better ball control and court departmentalization. These divider nets are built to last. Protective Coverings Inc. Tennis Court Divider Nets

PCI Snap-·Tennis court divider nets that is second to none. Our tennis netting is made from knotted nylon, and treated for weather and lighting. Tennis netting is a must for ball control. PCI Snap has a vinyl border all around the perimeter, and has grommets on top with snaps so as to be ready to be hung.
PCI Velcro-Tennis court divider net made as above. In addition the PCI Velcro has a two foot detachable bottom. Most tennis netting wears at the bottom first because of cleaning equipment abuse and because of the abrasive court surface. The velcro bottom greatly extends the life of the court divider net system and is far less costly to replace than an entire new tennis net
PCI Wingend- This is the ultimate tennis net divider system. It is comprised of all of the above, as well as having solid 20 ounce wing-ends included. A wing end will control balls in the corners far better than netting will.
PCI-S - Court divider netting at it’s most simple. An absolute must for ball control. A 7/8” knotted nylon net, treated in green, white or black, bound with vinyl for longer life. The netting is topped with grommets every 18” on center, and the has a ”s” hook put in it, to make it ready for installation.
PCI-SV - Same as above, except bottom two feet is detachable with a VELCRO BOTTOM system. Since most curtains wears at the bottom first because it is stepped on or abused with cleaning equipment, this tear away bottom greatly extends the life of the divider system, and is far less costly to replace than the entire net
PCI-split T - The newest innovation in court divider systems. This design forms a complete seal with the backdrop curtains to provide the newest “angle corners” in tennis court design.
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